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Led Tradecraft growth team on project with founders of BottlesTonight, a discount bottle service app, to increase signups, engagement, purchases, retention, and referrals.

– Researched best analytics options, set up Mixpanel and AppsFlyer to track app events and Facebook ad conversions.
– Determined optimal Facebook ad copy and images using multivariate testing.
– Developed new messaging with a focus on education about the product.
– Examined funnel drop-off points and brainstormed possible solutions based on initial hypotheses.
– Created referral program (give $50, get $50) to increase signups and purchases.
– Developed email automation campaign (transactional, drip onboarding) to increase engagement.


I worked closely with the Community Manager, Product Manager, and development team to define a new vision for Delicious.com after AVOS bought it from Yahoo. We focused on reducing new user churn, and creating a more useful and engaging user experience for our 3M monthly active users.

– Developed and implemented marketing strategy for the relaunch.
– Created new messaging to reflect true value of the service.
– Coined new tagline “Never lose a link again.”
– Worked with PM to create a new onboarding flow and email campaign, resulting in reduced user churn.
– Created blog content designed to help current and potential users and increase brand visibility, resulting in over 30,000 page views per month.
– Coordinated with Community Manager to relay information about new features and downtime issues to users. A delicate task — with 3 million monthly active users, many of whom had been using the app for 5+ years, being transparent about changes and website issues was extremely important.


I ran marketing and community for MixBit, an app for shooting and editing videos on mobile devices. Pre-launch, I worked with the C-suite and an external PR firm to determine market positioning and product messaging, and create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

– Responsible for all copy, including the landing page, blog, UI and help copy, press releases, automated and newsletter emails, and about pages.
– Wrote 1-2 posts each week on topics tailored to our target market, like storytelling, beginning cinematography, and sweding.
– Built the blog off a WordPress skeleton template using HTML and CSS.


Petbrosia is an e-commerce startup that sells custom pet food. I worked with the Head of Growth to brainstorm and implement ideas to streamline marketing efforts, lower the CAC, and raise the LTV.

– Determined LTV.
– Set up segmentation in Magento customer database and connected segments to MailChimp for easy and automated email targeting.
– Prioritized acquisition channels based on cost, effort to implement, and overall effect.
– Proposed changes to messaging and user flow to increase conversions.